About Me

I help individuals and groups open up new aspects of self, life, and creativity.





I have a diverse background in nonprofit management. In this role, I have collaborated with organizations and spiritual communities as a change maker and provided critical support to individuals and teams who are in transition.

I coach individuals and groups who want to have greater clarity and meaning, uncover their capacity to innovate, and meet their true potential.

Innovators who work with me awaken greater self-becoming to realize more relevant connections, develop skills to align better to growth and their emerging identity, and learn how to take action so they can move forward.

I interweave cognitive ways of knowing with the inner intelligence of individuals and groups then refocus it in a way that’s simple and evocative.

Noticing that my clients longed to open up new aspects of self, life and creativity, I conceived an approach that brought into focus the personal and professional, yet allowed space for the spiritual to guide them to a place of discovery. 

"Experience and expression are a unitive reality of the human spirit."